Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Hazırlık Atlama

Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı Hakkında

Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency Ankara Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Hazırlık Atlama







     ( ÖRNEK )






Choose the best alternative for the missing part in each sentence. On the Optic  Answer Sheet blacken the letter of your choice.

1._______ bus we were travelling on stopped suddenly because ______ tree had fallen across

the road.

a) A / the                     b) The / a                     c) The /the                   d) A /a

2. Students sometimes get into ______ trouble if  they are late for _______ school.

a) a / the                      b) the / –                      c) – / –                         d) – / the

3. The last time we _________ dinner with them, they ________ for a new house.

a) had / were looking                                       b) were having / have been looking

c) have had / looked                                        d) have had / are looking

4. Mr Green looks upset. He _________ about politics at the club, I suppose.

a) argued                     b) has argued               c) had argued               d) was arguing

5. That famous football star ________ for the national team 50 times so far.

a) has been playing            b) played                c) is playing                  d) has played

6. Linda ________ glasses for 15 years when she finally ________ contact lenses.

a) is wearing /buys                                          b) has been wearing / bought

c) was wearing / bought                                   d) had been wearing /bought

7.  It’s expected that man _________ on several planets by the end of the 21st century.

a)had landed                b)will have landed        c)has landed                d)would have landed

8. If we intend to have central heating _________ for winter , then we should start _________

some money aside every month.

a) to install / to put                                           b) installed / putting

c) to be installing / to put                                  d) installing / to be putting

9. He was made __________ guilty for the failure of the action. In fact he was innocent.

a) feel                          b) to be felt                  c) feeling                      d) to feel

10. He  _________ his job properly because a lot of gas escaped.

a) shouldn’t do             b) was able to do         c) must have done      d) can’t have done

11. I _________ at a research centre but I decided to work for an oil company since the pay

was much better.

a) could have worked              b) had to work       c) must have worked           d)had better work

12. Thomas was involved in an accident with his car. He _________ so fast.

a) should be driving                                         b) might not be driving

c) shouldn’t have been driving                      d) mustn’t have been driving

13.  A : When would you like me to take my annual leave?

B : I’d rather you _________ it next month.

a) take                         b) will take                      c) took                     d) should take

14. It’s time people  __________ using perfume that damages the ozone layer.

a) have stopped           b) stopped                   c) had stopped             d) are going to stop

15. I didn’t know about it at all. If I __________, I ___________ you earlier.

a) do / inform                                                              b) did / would inform

c) had / would have informed                           d) were / would have informed

16. It is ________ that I should have it at once.

a) a useful tool                                                 b) so useful tool

c) such a useful tool                                                   d) such useful

17. I wish you _________ on holiday  with us next week. We will miss you a lot.

a) will go                      b) go                c) didn’t go                  d) would go

18. I wish you _________ your sleeping bag at home. We could have camped.

a) haven’t left               b) didn’t leave              c) hadn’t left                d) wouldn’t leave

19. Aspirin is a miracle medicine. Besides, it is __________ for everyone to afford.

a) very cheap                           b) too cheap                c) so cheap                  d) cheap enough

20. Richard is making _________ progress , so he isn’t very pleased with the programme, but

he has made _________ good friends during this time.

a) a few / few                                                  b) few / a little

c) a little /  few                                     d) little / a few

21. James seemed _________ the other speakers because he was used to making speeches.

a) as nervously as        b) less nervous than         c)so nervous as   d)more nervous than

22. The group research project was ___________ assignment of the year.

a) so challenging     b)the more challenging     c)challenging enough   d)the most challenging

23. I object _______ being treated that way .I can’t stand being accused _______ everything

that goes wrong.

a) to / of                      b) of / to                      c) for / with                  d) to / about

24. Our ideas differ ________ those ________ our grandparents.

a) of / from                  b) from / of                  c) as / with                   d) than / off

25. I am so lonely and bored in this town; __________ ever invites me _________ .

a) anyone / nowhere     b) no one / nowhere     c) anybody / somewhere          d) nobody/anywhere

26. He still remembers ___________ very badly when he was a child.

a) treating                    b) to be treated            c) being treated            d) to have been treated

27. __________ her ignorance of the subject, she gave a quick reply.

a) Although                  b) In spite                    c) Despite                    d) Despite the fact that

28. The receptionist asked me how long  ___________ to stay.

a) I intend                    b) I intended                c) I had intended                      d) I would intend

  1. “ Have you consulted our lawyer “ Mike said.

Mike _________ his wife whether she ___________ their lawyer.

a) said / had consulted                                     b) told / consulted

c) wanted to know / has consulted                               d) asked / had consulted

30. Megan introduced me to her managers, ___________ I remember meeting at one of my

seminars .

a) one of who  b) one of which            c) two of whose           d) one of whom

31. George Orwell , ___________ was Eric Arthur Blair , wrote many novels and essays .

a) that his real name                                         b) his real name

c) whose real name                                         d) who real name

32. Florida , ____________ as the Sunshine State , attracts many tourists every year .

a) that is known                       b) knowing                  c) is known                    d) known

33. He had enough money to buy a ticket; ___________ , we decided not to go.

a) consequently                        b) moreover                 c) nevertheless d) because

34. I listened to their conversation for quite a long time, but I never was sure ___________

they were talking about.

a) whose                                 b) that                          c) what            d) why

35. Not until I came into the class ____________her illness.

a) I had realised           b) did I realise              c) have I realised          d) I realised

36. As a top manager, she has the _____________ of a big office and a private bathroom .

a) pride                        b) privileges                 c) advance                   d) achievements

37. It didn’t happen by accident. She ______________ broke the vase.

a) temporarily               b) ultimately                 c) deliberately              d) curiously

38. At the airport, the customs officer asked if I had anything to ________________.

a) declare                    b) presume                  c) confirm                    d) record

39. The inscription on the old monument is hard to read. It is almost ______________ .

a) readable                   b) obvious                   c) legible                      d) illegible

40. It’s quite difficult for me to understand your ____________ to the sufferings of the

children in Bosnia.

a) interest                     b) desire                      c) indifference              d) goal

41. I think we should talk to our neighbours upstairs. I can’t ______________ the

noise their children are making .

a) make up for             b) go in for                   c) put up with               d) run out of

42. He _____________ his own business when the Second World War ______________ .

a) set off / broke up                                       b) settled down / broke into

c) settled down / broke up                             d) set up / broke out

43. Your daughter doesn’t ____________ you at all. She doesn’t resemble you.

a) take over                 b) take after                 c) get at                       d) get by

44. She was found alive but _____________ .

a) unconscious b) mysterious               c) dubious                    d) reckless

45. The customer treated the waiter ______________ by shouting at him.

a) respectful           b) disrespectfully          c) respectfully          d) respectable





Complete the sentence with the best choice. On the Optic Answer Sheet blacken your choice


46. Philosophers are not sure _____________ .

a)      how can universal peace be secured

b)      universal peace can be

c)      how universal peace can be secured

d)      can universal peace be secured

47. We shall not succeed in controlling world population _____________ .

a)      perhaps it is possible to prevent mass starvation

b)      unless we improve living conditions

c)      if birth control measures can be successful

d)      when people understand the need for limiting the population

48. _____________ , the more developed the country becomes.

a)      Where medical and hospital care of good quality

b)      The more successful society is

c)      When population has increased

d)      The less money we owed

49. The work is going quite satisfactorily for us; ______________ .

a)      therefore we are confident that we will finish it before the deadline expires

b)      however , we have made important progress so far

c)      consequently, some measures must be taken

d)      hence, there is growing dissatisfaction among our employees

50. Universities must only be founded in cities ______________ .

a)      which there were libraries as well as cinemas and theatres

b)      where teachers and students can find enough resources to do thorough research

c)      that there are sufficient sporting, educational, medical and recreational facilities

d)      when they reached a certain size




Choose a suitable missing word for each item from the given below. On the Optic Answer Sheet blacken the letter of your choice

In his life time Vincent Van Gogh _____51______  a failure while today he _______52____

as an important name. He _____53____ only one painting while he was alive. The painting, Red Vineyard, _____54______ four months before his death for $80 . A hundred years later a Tokyo gallery ______55_____ a dealer $80 million for his Portrait of Dr. Gachet.

51.a) is considered        b) has considered           c) was considered            d) considered

52.a) recognises            b) is recognised              c) has been recognised    d) has recognised

53.a) sold                      b) was sold                     c) was selling                   d)had been selling

54.a) bought                  b)had bought                  c) been bought                 d)was bought

55.a)was being paid      b)paid                             c) was paid                       d)has been paid

Pauline Shaw hardly looks the most shocking woman in Britain and yet she gives off at least ten times as much static electricity as other people do. In the past six years , she____56_____ countless TV sets, food processors, light bulbs, irons and toasters to blow. Pauline ____57___ a good job at a computer company, but she gave it up last month. To avoid trouble, she even stopped shaking hands with people. “_____58____ I shower and wash my hair for twenty minutes at least three times a day, the  static builds up. One of these days, if I am not careful, I’ll start a fire!” says Pauline.

56.a) has caused              b) is causing                c) had caused                  d) has been causing

57.a) is used to having    b) got used to               c) was getting used to    d) used to have

58.a) Once                       b) Unless                     c) At first                        d) While

The working day is becoming progressively shorter, and it is quite likely that in the near future we shall be all working under 30 hours a week. As the amount of time____59___

at work decreases , the amount of free time will increase. So far, this tendency has gone unnoticed _____60____ many people have used their leisure to take  on a second job. Yet, already few of us work more than five days a week, and we can expect further reductions

in the future.

59.a) spending               b) is spent                               c) spent                       d) which spends

60.a) if                           b) because                              c) therefore                 d) when





Choose the best answer from the rewritten sentences that have different grammatical constructions, but have the same meaning as the original sentences. On the Optic Answer Sheet blacken the letter of your choice.


61. If laws against pollution were stricter, our environment would be in less danger.

a) Had the laws against pollution been stricter, our environment would have been in less


b) We would be able to reduce the threat to the environment if we had stricter laws against


c) Should there be laws against pollution, we could keep our environment.

d) Due to the lack of laws against pollution, our environment is in danger.

62.While attempting to smuggle drugs into the country, the criminals were arrested by

customs officials.

a) Customs officials arrested the criminals who were attempting to smuggle drugs into the


b) Attempting to smuggle drugs into the country, customs officials arrested the criminals.

c) Criminals who were attempting to smuggle drugs into the country arrested customs


d) Smuggling drugs into the country, customs officials attempted to arrest the criminals.

63.The Sumerians were the first to develop writing, sanitation and advanced metal-working.

a)      Writing, sanitation and advanced metal-working had already been developed when the

Sumerians came onto the historical scene.

b)      The Sumerians were one of the early ones that developed writing , sanitation and

advanced  metal-working.

c)      It was the Sumerians that first developed writing, sanitation and advanced metal –


d)  The Sumerians were not alone in developing writing, sanitation and advanced metal-


64. Julius Caesar was trained as a politician, yet he quickly established a reputation as a

military strategist.

a) Julius Caesar, a trained politician and a military strategist, quickly earned fame.

b) Besides being a politician who could act fast, Julius Caesar was a famous military


c) Julius Caesar soon proved to be a reputable military strategist although he had been

trained as a politician.

d) Julius Caesar was not only an experienced politician but also a perfect military strategist.

65. The number of women earning Master’s Degrees has risen sharply in recent years.

a) Recently fewer women have applied to get Master’s Degrees.

b) Men still surpass women in getting Master’s Degrees.

c) When compared with men, more women earn Master’s Degrees these days.

d) There didn’t use to be so many women to earn Master’s Degrees.





Complete the dialogues with the best choice and blacken the letter of your choice on the Optic Answer Sheet.

66. Mike     : Have you got used to your new job yet?

Barbara : _________________________

Mike      : Why do you say that?

Barbara : Well, there have been a few problems.

a) More or less.

b) I’m not surprised at what has happened.

c) Yes. Very easily, thanks.

d) What were you saying when I came in?

67. Bob : I have to get my passport renewed today. I’m going to Spain on business next


Terry : __________________________

Bob   : In that case let’s go and get them done  together.

Terry : Good idea. Let’s meet at 10:30 then.

a) I wish I had come with you.

b) Have you really?

c) Is it overdue?

d) So do I.

68. Dennis     : How do you get along with your boss?

George     : We get along well. He is easy to work with.

Dennis      : You are lucky. My boss is always looking over my shoulder to see what I am

doing. ______________________ .

George      :  I can see why. It would drive me crazy.

a) Do you see what I mean?

b) It really gets on my nerves.

c) We can understand each other.

d) We agree on everything.










Complete the paragraphs with the best choice and blacken the letter of your choice on the Optic Answer Sheet.

69. Recent studies of patients at sleep clinics have revealed significant facts about the causes

of insomnia as well as ways to deal with it. ____________________ . Also insomnia

may be caused by physical illness: itching, aches, asthma, arthritis, ulcers, and heart

problems that involve shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.

a) If you have had a bad night’s sleep, don’t stay in bed later the next morning.

b) Get as much exercise as possible, preferably in the day.

c) It is no surprise that stress and depression are linked to insomnia.

d) Many of us still believe that in order to be healthy we must have eight hours of sleep a


70. Deserts are regions with very little rainfall. Only a few plants and animals can adapt to the

dry conditions found there. _____________________ . Some are covered in sand which

is blown by the wind to form hills of sand. Others have a surface of stones or rocks.

a) Near the earth’s surface the pressure is greater at the poles than at the equator.

b) Not all deserts have the same type of surface.

c) Winds are also caused by the rotation of the earth.

d) In most of these areas rainfall is about 50 inches a year.

71. _______________. There is, for instance, an obvious relationship between increases in

economic wealth and general improvements in our life styles. The extent of the

interrelationship between social and economic change means that many business

organisations are affected by changes in society.

a) The nature of family life is constantly changing

b) Most forms of social change are related to economic change

c) New economic policies adopted by the government give priority to economic growth

d) Successive governments have tried to solve the problems resulting from pollution

72. There are several ways of spending a holiday. One of the popular kinds is packing

holiday. This is an ideal way of having a cheap and enjoyable holiday. The people who

prefer this way have an opportunity to see more than one place. Besides, they can

make new friends who share the same interests during the journey. The other way is to

spend a holiday in a camping-site. By this way, people can spend most of their time

among the trees by breathing the fresh air. Furthermore, they can cook their own food

if they do not want to eat at a restaurant. __________________ .

a)      Holidays are the only ways to relax our minds and bodies

b)      In sum, each way of spending a holiday has its own pleasures for people

c)      People prefer travelling by car rather than other forms of transportation

d)      It is not safe to spend a holiday in a camping-site




Find the correct order which best constructs a paragraph. On the Optic Answer Sheet, blacken the letter of your choice.

73. I. She hopes to be a librarian.

II. Amy has two sisters.

III. The other is still a student.

IV. One works in a bank.

V. They are both older than she is.

a) II, IV, I, V, III                                 b) I, II, IV, V, III

c) II, V, IV, III, I                                 d) V, IV, III, I, II

74. I . The weather is warm then, but not too hot.

II. Most of the tourists have already left.

III. So everywhere is peaceful and quiet.

IV. September is a lovely month in Didim.

V. That is why I go there in September.

a) IV, I, II, III, V                                 b) III, I, V, IV, II

c) I, II, IV, V, III                                 d) V, I, II, IV, III

75. I. After all, we all learn a language in our infancy without even being aware of it.

II. People say it is easier to learn a foreign language when one is young.

III. With this in mind, a lot of kindergarten try to introduce the children to a foreign


IV. In theory this is an excellent plan, but the results haven’t been as successful as one

might have hoped.

a) I, II, III, IV                          b) I, III, IV, II

c) II, I, III, IV                          d) II, IV, I, III





Choose the irrelevant sentence in the paragraphs and blacken the letter of your choice on the Optic Answer Sheet.

76. I. In recent years, remarkable results have been achieved in the field of organ transplants.

II. Gradually we are learning more about the chemistry of memory.

III. This also concerns the genes.

IV. Formerly, tissues could not be transplanted, but now surgeons are able to do

successful organ transplants.

a) I                             b) II                             c) III                            d) IV

77. I.   Scientists now understand what causes a volcano to erupt.

II.  Deep under the earth large pockets of gas, steam and molten rock are formed.

III. These are forced up through a crack in the surface rock by the great pressure below.

IV. People living in many parts of the world are constantly threatened by volcanoes.

a) I                              b) II                             c) III                            d) IV

78. I. The United States is the leading trading nation in the world.

II. In 1974 American business sold almost 100 billion dollars’ worth of  industrial and

agricultural goods to the rest of the world.

III. From 1961 through 1973 the United States supplied poor countries with 42.5 billion

dollars of economic aid.

IV. The sales meant jobs for millions of American workers.

a) I                              b) II                             c) III                            d) IV
























Find the incorrect use and blacken the letter of your choice on the Optic Answer Sheet.


79. The Great Fire of 1906 in San Francisco was happened primarily as a result of the great

a                                                b                                     c

earthquake preceding it.


80. Frank hasn’t seen that new movie about skiing and I haven’t  too.

a                                                     b                 c            d

81. Neither the workers nor the owner feel that their present contract is acceptable,

a                                              b

so they have decided to hire a negotiator to help them reach  an agreement.

c                                                                   d

82. When Nick got seriously ill, he realised what was really important to him and

a                                            b                              c

what should he do with the rest of his life.


83. Rest is usually useful to a person suffered  from a bad cold.

a             b                                         c          d

84. The information officer at the bank told his customers that there was several different

a              b                                        c

kinds of checking accounts available.



85. Interest in automatic data processing has grown rapid since the first large calculators

a                                                    b            c

were introduced in 1950.






Choose the best answer according to the text and on the Optic Answer Sheet blacken the letter of your choice.


Of the many problems in the world today, none is as spread or as old as crime. Crime has many forms, including crimes against property, person, and government. There is even a class of crimes called ‘crimes without victims’. Crime, in all forms, penetrates every layer of society and touches every human being. Especially violent crime has risen to a point where many people are afraid to walk alone in their own neighbourhoods, afraid to open their door after dark, afraid to speak out and voice their own opinions.

86. According to the passage this present day world is faced with a wide-range of problems

________________ .

a)      among which crime is most common

b)      which every government feels threatened by

c)      which could all be solved with a little effort

d)      that are very different from those in the past

87. The author points out that every type of crime ________________ .

a)      eventually leads to violence of some kind

b)      is always related to problems of property in almost every country

c)      is generally outside the main concern of government

d)      in some way affects not only the individual life but also all parts of society

88. The author suggests that violent crime has reached such a level that

________________ .

a)         governments can no longer cope with it

b)        people are scared to express their views

c)         people think it is no use taking precautions

d)        most people have become victims many times over

89. in the passage ‘ penetrates’  ( line 3 ) probably means

a) copes with               b) enters                      c) is removed from                   d) avoids















The industrial societies have been extremely productive during the last two centuries. The economic advance has been incredible. During this relatively short period of time, greater changes in people’s living conditions have occurred than in the thousands of years which preceded.

From about 8000 B.C. , when the agricultural era of the human race began ; to 1776 A.D., the beginning of the American Revolution, people grew hardly any richer at all. The Americans of 1776 used the same energy sources as the Romans of 1 A.D. Both the ancient Romans and the Americans of 200 years ago could travel about the same short distance in a day. Both had about the same annual income and the same life span.

During the past 200 years the world population has increased 6 times, the annual world output  has increased 80 times, and the distance a person can travel has gone up1000 times. There has also been much recent progress in art, culture, learning, and science. Such changes have led to a high rate of production and growth in the economy.

Economists fear that within the next 100 to 150 years, the earth’s resources will become very scarce. Their fears are partly justified, but we should not be afraid. Industrial civilisation adapts to new knowledge. By advancing knowledge, we not only create new forms of resources , but we also find ways to economise their use. Advanced modern knowledge can feed the hungry people of the world and improve their standard of living.

90. The ancient Romans and 18th century Americans were the same in that ____________ .

a) they earned the same amount of money

b) the length of their lives was the same

c) they used the same energy sources

d) all of the above

91. One of the factors leading to increased production and economic growth is ___________ .

a) the relatively short time in which people have become richer

b) the great increase in population

c) progress in the fields of art, culture, education and science

d) the use of the same energy sources

92. In paragraph 3,  ‘output’  probably means _______________ .

a) resource                  b) production               c) capacity          d) growth

93. From paragraph 4, we can infer that the writer ______________ .

a) is optimistic about the future

b) thinks the main problem in the future will be hunger

c) is worried about the future

d) believes there will be many insoluble problems in the future

94. According to the last paragraph, the problem of the inadequacy of resources can be

solved by _______________ .

a) improving people’s standard of living

b) justifying man’s fears about the future

c) using advanced knowledge

d) encouraging economic growth



From the beginning of human history every society has had some way of preparing young people for adult life. Many societies have considered education training for world. In many traditional societies children still help the older members of the family in their work and so grow up to do the same jobs as their parents. Elsewhere young boys used to be sent away for several years as trainees to a craftsman to learn his trade. In the modern world, however, the chief aim of education is to stimulate the child’s mind and enable him to develop his personality and abilities to their limits.

95. According to the passage, in the past, education ________________ .

a)      was offered only to adults

b)      was generally understood as a means of learning a skill

c)      was strictly limited to the family environment

d)      was not taken seriously by parents

96. The writer points out that, throughout history, in some way or another, ______________ .

a)      boys have often managed to avoid work that requires a lot of physical effort

b)      parents have been unwilling to improve the education of their children

c)      children have been given an education to prepare them for the future

d)      young people have chosen different ways of life from those of their parents

97. One can conclude from the passage that modern education ________________ .

a)      is a clear continuation of the practices of earlier times

b)      gives more importance to the development of a child’s mind and character than it used to be

c)      doesn’t prepare young people for their future

d)      puts too much pressure on a child

























Life on a submarine may, to many people, sounds fascinating. However, it is, in fact, horribly boring. Except for the commanding officers, a day on a submarine consists of six hours on duty, six hours off, day after day, for months. As this is the case, every effort is made to ensure that the lives of the men are as pleasant as possible. The meals are exceptionally good and there is a daily film, shown at a specific time on television around the submarine. In return, the crew is always expected to perform perfectly all the time. A mistake is quite unforgivable. In fact, a favourite saying is “There is room for everything on a submarine except for a mistake” .

98. We learn from the passage that, contrary to what a lot of people expect, _____________ .

a)      life on a submarine is extremely rewarding for the crew

b)      boredom is a major problem for the crew of a submarine

c)      there is little work to be done on a submarine

d)      the officers on a submarine share the same duties as the other members of the crew

99. The writer of the passage emphasises that, on a submarine, _______________ .

a)      every member of the crew helps to prepare the meals

b)      everyone works six hours a day

c)      life never gets boring for the crew

d)      everything has to be done faultlessly

100. It is clear from the passage that it is almost impossible ________________ .

a)      to make life on a submarine fully fascinating

b)      for officers to establish a friendship with other members of the crew

c)      for everyone to be aware of night and day

d)      for any member of the crew to be on duty for six hours

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