Kocaeli Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama

Kocaeli Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı Konusu

Kocaeli Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı Hakkında

Kocaeli Üniversitesi Proficiency İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama sınavı için
öğrenciler garantili yetiştirilir.


1-23. sorularda, cümlede veya parçada bos bırakılan yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

she began taking flying lessons in California.

days of aviation, she decided to make a career in flying.In 1932, she became the first woman to make a solo flight across the Atlantic. She set out on May 20

Amelia Earheart, America’s most famous woman pilot, was born into a wealthy family in 1897. 1______ the age of 23,2______ having a number of crashes, which were fairly common in the earlyth and succeeded3

country giving lectures and promoting women’s rights. In 1937, she managed to do something that no woman Australia, and set off on the last part of her journey across the Pacific on July 2


______ arriving safely in record time. She was awarded honours of all kinds. As her fame grew, she travelled round the4______ before- to fly all the way round the world. She reachednd. A few hours later, she sent a radio5______ she was running out of fuel. Then there was silence. President Roosevelt immediately had the area6

______, but the 9 ships and 66 planes were unable to find any sign of her.7

others claim that she lived on a South Pacific island with a fisherman.

what happened, so far no trace of her or the plane

1. a) On b) In c) At d) —

2. a) Even though b) Nevertheless c) However d) Despite

3. a) at b) in c) to d) on

4. a) tried b) was trying c) had tried d) has tried

5. a) say b) which saying c) said d) saying

6. a) searched b) to search c) search d) searching

7. a) Until b) For c) Since d) During

8. a) Although b) In contrast c) Consequently d) In addition to

9. a) had ever been found b) was ever found c) has ever been found d) is ever found

______ her death, there have been many stories about her; some say that she was imprisoned by the Japanese,8______ many people have tried to work out exactly9______.

Despite the fact that nowadays there are serious pollution problems, there are 10______


. In my opinion, traffic should11______

in residential areas and public squares. The flow of traffic should be more 12______

should use only unleaded petrol. Another way of overcoming the problem is the development of electrical vehicles. Industrial

zones should be

controlled and cars13______

outside the town centres and suburbs. In addition, smoke and gases from factories are very14


to the ozone layer. The government should introduce laws to 15______


10. a) causes b) disturbances c) possessions d) solutions

11. a) assured b) restricted c) appeared d) intended

12. a) carelessly b) fluently c) strictly d) obviously

13. a) set up b) bring up c) set out d) hold on

14. a) harm b) harmful c) harmless d) harmlessly

15. a) protect b) respect c) suffer d) prevent

16. We have both electric and gas heating systems, so if

a) one / the other b) this / any c) the other / another d) each / both

17. A: Could I have

B: I’m afraid there isn’t

a) some / a few b) any / any c) a little / many d) some / any

18. Beethoven

a) composed / was writing c) has composed / had been writing

b) had composed / is writing d) composed/ wrote

19. A new TV series

a) has been filmed / hasn’t shown c) is filmed / doesn’t show

b) is filming / isn’t going to be shown d) is being filmed / won’t be shown

20. The other team played _______, but we played ________. That’s why we got the results we did.

a) good / better b) good /well c) well / much better d) well / best

21. Most people know that the problems of developed countries aren’t _______ those of underdeveloped countries.

a) much serious than b) more serious as c) as serious as d) the most serious

22. Of all the various telecommunication services in existence today, the telephone is _______ used.

a) the most frequent b) the most frequently c) far more frequent d) as frequently as

23. When one of the engines failed, the pilot _______ make an emergency landing because he ________ risk flying with

only one engine.

a) had to / couldn’t b) has to / mustn’t c) had to / can’t d) must / couldn’t

industries from causing so much______ fails, we can use ______.______ more wine, please?______ left. Shall I give you a glass of champagne instead?______ nine symphonies; he ______ another symphony when he died.______ in our neighbourhood at the moment, but it ______ until next year.KOU SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES BASIC ENGLISH DEPARTMENT


24-28. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun sekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

24. He forgot to tell

a) how was he getting on in his new position c) what time his train would arrive

b) which book was he reading d) was there an opportunity to set up a meeting



a) As soon as the president has arrived in the city centre c) When the pop group left the concert hall

b) In spite of the recent violence in the area d) While bomb experts inspected the site

26. No black woman had ever reached the Academy Award

, the area will be closed to traffic and police will be patrolling.______.a) by the time the committee had changed their mind c) after Whoope Goldberg had quit film industry

b) in spite of the racist award committee d) until Halle Berry did it in 2000



a) It is such a difficult course that you should have worked very hard

b) No one got a very good mark in the course last semester

c) You have certainly done better than your sister in the course

d) You will probably not be able to graduate this semester

28. India is one of the countries

a) that linguistic differences have always been much clearer there than those of radical groupings

b) whose population is increasing more rapidly than its economy

c) where to go if you want to experience something different

d) what it plans to do about its rapidly increasing population

unless you hand in all your assignments within the given time.______.29-33. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.


Smoking used to attract youths more in the past than it does today.a) The young today can find more attractive cigarettes compared with those in the past.

b) Smoking is no longer so common among the young as it was in the past.

c) Never has smoking been so popular among the young as it is today.

d) More and more young people are being attracted by smoking compared with the past.


There is nothing I would rather do than study to be a doctor.a) I think I would probably like to study medicine.

b) There are other things in the world that could be better than studying medicine.

c) The only thing I would really like to do is to study to be a doctor.

d) Studying medicine is one of my options.


Seeing that it destroyed so many things, the fire can’t have been accidental.a) The fire must have been started on purpose; otherwise, it couldn’t have caused so much damage.

b) The fire might have been very serious if nobody had tried to prevent it.

c) When the fire had begun, it spread quickly and did a lot of damage.

d) We don’t know how the fire broke out, but the harm it did is obvious.


It isn’t always easy to share a house even with the closest friends.a) To share a house with close friends can even make things easier for you.

b) Even the closest friends can sometimes find it difficult to live in the same house.

c) Most close friends can share a house without having much trouble.

d) It isn’t always difficult to adapt oneself to a life in a house shared with the closest friends.


In 1900, the population of London was higher than its current population.a) The number of people in London today is more than it was in 1900.

b) When compared, the population of London is higher today than it was in 1900.

c) The population of London these days is less than it used to be in 1900.

d) The population of London in 1900 was the same as the population today.

34-37. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okundugunda parçanın anlam bütünlügünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

34. (I) Video games are one of the most influential forms of entertainment in modern society. (II) Most video games

originate in the USA, a country where children are encouraged to be very competitive. (III) But do they represent

a good influence or a bad influence particularly when we consider how popular they are with children? (IV) Although

both users and video companies claim that there is no link between violence on the screen and real life behaviour,

a growing number of people are beginning to suspect that this may not be true.

a) I b) II c) III d) IV

35. (I) The computer is, perhaps, the most important invention of the 20th century. (II) While many people switch on the

television, do sport or read a book in their free time, a large group of people “surf the Internet” for entertainment. (III)

They have access to literally millions of other computers and the information that they each contain. (IV) One can find

out about anything at the touch of a button and at relatively little cost.

a) I b) II c) III d) IV



36. (I) Youth hostels are dormitory-like shelters that provide inexpensive overnight accommodations for travelling young

people. (II) Many serve meals as well, or they have kitchens in which guests can prepare their own meals. (III) Eating

out poses few problems for traveller who speaks the language of the country, but menus in another language can be

confusing and frustrating. (IV) The primary advantage of hostels is, of course, expense.

a) I b) II c) III d) IV

37. (I) A curriculum vitae, or “C.V.”, is a necessary document for anyone in search of employment. (II) It includes essential

information such as the person’s qualifications, work experience and other relevant details. (III) For many jobs,

employers wish to see that candidates have at least one leisure time activity which can be incorporated into their work.

(IV) As it is so important, it is best to make sure that it is properly laid-out and presented.

a) I b) II c) III d) IV

38-41. sorularda, verilen duruma uygun düsen ifadeyi bulunuz.


perhaps someone in the class might like to go. So you say:

You have two tickets for a concert in the evening, but at the last minute you are unable to go. You thinka) Oh, come on! You may not feel it like now, but you are sure to enjoy yourself when we get there.

b) I’ve two tickets for the concert of the year. Who would like to go there with me?

c) Thank you for inviting me. But, unfortunately, I’ve got to meet some important people this evening.

d) I’ve got two tickets for a concert this evening, but I can’t use them. Would anybody like them?


with a friend. You telephone him to apologize about this and say:

You have been called to an urgent business meeting which means you have to cancel a lunch appointmenta) By the way, regarding our lunch appointment, let’s make it next week. Now I’m at a meeting.

b) I’m terribly sorry but I can’t meet you for lunch due to an unexpected meeting which I have to attend.

c) There is a meeting which I want to attend, so can we cancel our lunch?

d) I’d forgotten they’d called a meeting for today. So we can’t have lunch together after all.


is the only one you have trouble understanding, you think it is worth having a word with him. So, you go to

his office and, in your best and most respectful English, you say:

You have trouble understanding one of your English teachers because you think he talks too fast. Since hea) If you don’t slow down, I’m going to get really mad!

b) We would all appreciate it if you were better prepared for your lectures.

c) If you have anything worth saying, why don’t you say it so that we can understand?

d) Would it be possible for you to speak a little more slowly and clearly during classes?


when you are so full that you feel ill, you refuse to eat more and say:

A neighbour has invited you to lunch, and though the food is delicious, she has made far too much. Finally,a) I’m sorry but I can’t eat that because I’m a vegetarian.

b) Everything is wonderful, but I really can’t eat another bite.

c) Just pack up the rest and I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow.

d) I’d better stop eating because I think this food is making me sick.

42-43. sorularda, karsılıklı konusmanın bos bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.


Joe : What did you do?


Bob: Well, that’s done. Now we can have some peace and quite.______Joe : It certainly seems to have worked.

a) I planted vegetables in the middle of the garden and flowers all around.

b) I set off the car alarm by mistake.

c) I phoned my mother to remind her that my birthday is next week.

d) I told them that if they didn’t turn down their stereo, I’d call the police.



Kay : This has always been my favourite park.______Kay : Oh, so do I! Then we must have seen each other.

a) Mine too. I remember playing here as a child.

b) It is awfully lovely here, don’t you think?

c) I feel as though it’s a home to me.

d) I feel the same. I think we should meet here more often.

44-48. sorularda, verilen cümlelerde yanlıs olan seçenegi bulunuz.

44. I

would rather speak directly to the manager to deal with his rude secretary as I did.A B C D

45. Sheila

has been receiving strange calls at night, and she has told by the telephone company that sheA B

should have

her number changed as soon as possible.C D



46. A: Mmm. Something smells

good. Joy must cook his famous chicken and rice.A B

B: Well,

this means that he has special guests tonight.C D


The milk, which is a highly nutritious drink, is very useful for the development of the bones.A B C D

48. Almost a year ago, Mr Gomez


said that he will give me a pay rise, so I wonder why I’m still earning the sameA B C D49-51. soruları asagıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

the same as the smoker is breathing in. The smoker is breathing in smoke that has been filtered through the length of the

cigarette and sometimes by a filter as well. However, the non-smoker is breathing in smoke that is completely unfiltered.

This smoke contains far more of the elements of tobacco than does filtered smoke. For a person working in a very smoky

place like a bar or an office, this passive smoking can reach the equivalent of fourteen cigarettes a day.

49. According the passage,

a) non-smokers are safe from the harmful effects of smoking

b) passive smoking is not as much pleasure as normal smoking

c) other people’s cigarettes threaten the health of non-smokers

d) smoke rising from a burning cigarette is just as bad as that breathed in by a smoker

50. Filtered smoke

a) is breathed in by the smoker

b) is much the same as unfiltered smoke

c) is what rises from a burning cigarette

d) is what the passive smoker breathes in

51. We understand from the passage that

a) non-smokers can smoke up to fourteen cigarettes a day with no toxic effects

b) some of the hazardous elements in cigarette smoke are eliminated through filtering

c) heavy-smokers are advised to use an additional filter when smoking

d) cancer is mostly caused by passive smoking

Studies have shown that the danger from passive smoking is very real. The smoke rising from a burning cigarette is not______.______.______.52-54. soruları asagıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Fund in 1946 at the General Assembly’s first session. Originally, it was responsible for assisting child welfare programs in

countries destroyed by World War II, but after 1950, its scope expanded to developing nations. UNICEF helps governments

develop national nutrition programs and child health and welfare services and gives direct aid, such as food and medical

supplies, to children in emergency situations. UNICEF is governed by 41-nation executive board elected by the UN economic

and social council and administered by an executive director headquartered in New York City. UNICEF is financed totally by

voluntary contributions from governments, individuals, organizations, and by activities such as the sale of UNICEF greeting


52. It’s understood from the passage that, in developing countries, UNICEF

a) concentrates on improving people’s knowledge about nourishing foods

b) works for child welfare in cooperation with the governments

c) runs centres specifically established to cater for children

d) assists the governments on a theoretical basis rather than giving material aid

53. The executives governing UNICEF

a) are those chosen by the governments of the developing countries to represent their nations

b) choose the designs for the UNICEF greeting cards themselves

c) work voluntarily at the organization’s headquarters in New York

d) are elected by the United Nations from forty-one nations

54. We can infer from the passage that

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, was established as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency______.______.______.a) UNICEF’s aim is the same now as when it was originally established

b) forty-one nations are currently being assisted by UNICEF

c) voluntary contributions are not the only source of finance for UNICEF

d) UNICEF was originally established by the countries destroyed during World War II



55-57. soruları asagıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

the English hospital where she worked, conditions at first were terrible; dirt and disease probably caused more deaths

among the soldiers than did the wounds received in battle. Still, under these circumstances, Florence Nightingale gradually

built up a highly disciplined nursing staff and, together with more adequate medical supplies, she was able to improve

conditions and be of real service to the soldiers. However, the work was hard, and, as a result, her own health suffered.

55. One important point the passage makes is that Florence Nightingale ________.

a) hated the terrible conditions she was working in and wanted to get away

b) would have been more efficient if she had had a more qualified nursing staff

c) was not liked by the nursing staff because of her harsh discipline

d) overcame, with great efficiency, the problems she faced in a military hospital

56. It is clear from the passage that because Florence Nightingale was a determined person, with a gift for organising, she


a) did little nursing herself

b) was widely criticized by her staff

c) was able to succeed in her work

d) volunteered to serve in the Crimean War

57. As the writer points out in the passage, conditions in the military hospital were, at the beginning, so bad that _______.

a) they accounted for more deaths among the soldiers than the war itself

b) little could be done to improve them

c) many of the nursing staff fell ill

d) medical supplies soon ran out

During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale showed extraordinary qualities of determination and organizing ability. In58-60. soruları asagıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

cities will become more and more crowded. As the number of the people increases, there will be less space for each person.

This overcrowding will cause other problems; more crime, dirty streets and a worse problem with the traffic. How will people

find enough water, energy and housing? Because life will be hard, people who live in cities will worry more for these

reasons, and some say that nobody will want to live in cities and towns.

58. There will be less space for each person since ………………….

a) there will be housing problems

b) no one will want to live in cities and towns

c) there will be an increase in the number of people

d) city life will be horrible

59. Nobody will want to live in cities and towns because ………………….

a) people will prefer villages

b) there will be pollution

c) the number of people is increasing

d) life will be hard there

60. It’s stated in the passage that ………………….

a) serious problems will occur in cities because of the overcrowding

b) cities will be more developed than today

c) it’s no use worrying about future life

d) overcrowding will be solved only if people start to leave the citie

What will city life be like in the future? Some people think that life in the cities is going to be horrible. They think that

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