Text Completion ( Advanced Level )


1 – İngilizce Öğretmeni ( Bireysel – Kişiye Özel – İngilizce Öğretmeni )
2 –
İngilizce Öğretmeni ( 4 kişilik gruplara  – İngilizce Öğretmeni )


catch , term , cancel , mind , losing , fees ,  bucks , rebate ,  offer ,  charge

Daughter:Dad. You love me, don’t you?

Father: Of course, I do. Why do you ask . . . Ah, what’s on your (1)…………..?

Daughter: Well, I saw this great (2)……………… for a free cell phone here in the newspaper, and . . .

Father: Free? Nothing’s ever free.

Daughter: Well, the phone is free . . . after a $50 mail-in (3)………………………

Father: Ah, so that’s the (4)………………. And why do you need a cell phone anyway?

Daughter: Dad. All my friends have one, and I can use it to call you in case the car breaks down.

Father: Ah, I don’t know. There are always so many (5)………………….

Daughter: But the monthly (6)…………………. for this service is only $29.99, with 1,000 free weekday minutes nationwide, and unlimited weekend minutes. Plus, unlimited, anytime minutes for anyone using the same service.

Father: I don’t know.

Daughter: And you can roll over the extra minutes to the next month instead of just (7)……………….. them. What do you think of that?

Father: Yeah, but what is the (8)………………… of the service agreement?

Daughter: It’s only for six months.

Father: But what if you (9) …………….early?

Daughter: Um . . . Ah, there’s a cancellation fee of $200, but with . . .

Father: Two hundred (10)……………………!

Daughter: Yeah, but you won’t have to worry about me while I’m driving the new car.

Father: New car? What new car?

Daughter: The new car you’ll need to buy so I can use the cell phone. I mean, what’s is gonna look like if I’m using a cell phone in our old lemon.

Father: Teenagers. What’ll they think of next?

Correct Answers:

1. mind
2. offer
3. rebate
4. catch
5. fees
6. charge
7. losing
8. term
9. cancel
10. bucks

 Text Completion ( Advanced Level )

wasted , breaks ,  outrageous ,  hood ,  grow ,  assistant ,  fuel , sputters , plate , repaired
Mechanic: What can we do for you today?

Car Owner: Uh, hi. Yes, I’m having a problem with my car, and it doesn’t seem to run right. I mean every time I start it up, the engine runs for a minute or so, (1)

like it isn’t getting enough gas, and then dies.

Mechanic: Hmmm. Okay. Let’s open the (2)

, and let’s take a look . . . Okay, start her up.

(Engine starting . . .]

Okay, Okay. Shut her off. Hmmm. [So . . .] Let me look at the book here . . . [It] sounds like a possible (3)

line, a dirty carburetor, bad alternator, or even a weak battery.

Car Owner: So, which one is it?

Mechanic: Uhh. Difficult to say. Let me try this . . . Uh, alright . . . You need to talk to the mechanic.

Car Owner: The mechanic! So, who are you?

Mechanic: Well, I’m the (4)

, and I’ve only been here on the job for two days.

Car Owner: So, why didn’t you tell me that in the first place? I mean, I wouldn’t have (5)

all this time!

Mechanic: You didn’t ask.

Car Owner: Okay, so how much is it going to cost?

Mechanic: Ah. Difficult to say. [That’s what you said about the last thing!] Are you a local or from out of town?

Car Owner: I’m just passing through, and this is the only place for miles. [Yeah, that’s right.] Man, can’t you see my license (6)

? [Sure did!]

Mechanic: Okay. The out-of-town rate. Let’s see. Okay, here we go. If it’s a fuel line, that’ll be $100 . . . No, no, That’s the local rate. Here, $200 for the pre-screening check, $150 for parts, plus or minus $100, and $75 an hour for labor. Oh, oh yeah. Today’s a holiday, so labor is actually $50 more per hour.

Car Owner: Huh? Those prices are (7)

, and what holiday is it today?

Mechanic: Oh, it’s the local pumpkin festival.

Car Owner: Ah, come on. I can’t believe this. Of all my luck, my car (8)

down in an out-of-the-way town [That’s right.], and it’ll cost an arm and a leg to get my car fixed.

Mechanic: Ah, we’ll take care of you. Just bring the car back on Tuesday so Mike, our mechanic, can take a look at your car.

Car Owner: Why not today? It’s only 11:00 a.m.!

Mechanic: Ahh, we close at 11:30 a.m. on holidays, and we’re closed tomorrow and Sunday, and we’re closed the following day as well.

Car Owner: I can’t wait that long! I need my car (9)


Mechanic: Well, next week is the best we can do, but you can talk to Mike at the Pumpkin Festival.This town will (10)

on you. [Ah, man!]

Correct Answers

1. sputters
2. hood
3. fuel
4. assistant
5. wasted
6. plate
7. outrageous
8. breaks
9. repaired
10. grow
Text Completion ( Advanced Level )

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